I thought I should share some news and prayer fuel for Red Hill... this is the community where a fire destroyed many homes and wrecked havoc in many people's lives last February. We have been involved in serving the people of Red Hill and spreading the good news of Jesus there since the fires took place. There are new house churches, but also new challenges. I would like to ask you to consider taking a day or a couple days and commit to pray and fast on behalf of the people of Red Hill .

A passage that was impressed on one of our community members for Red Hill is ISAIAH 62.

As you pray I encourage you to meditate on this passage and let the Lord speak to you through it.

- Please pray for the promises given so many years ago through Isaiah to come true in Red Hill.

- Please pray for transformation of the community, that every aspect of people's lives would be changed.  As Isaiah said, let's "give the Lord no rest until he completes his work."  Please thank God with us for the many wonderful changes already taking place in Red Hill. Gardens have been planted, jobs have been created and found, and people have been set free from alcohol, drugs and sexual addictions. House churches have been started. A leadership team from the community has been selected and is functioning to give a measure of governance for the people.

Here are some other prayer points regarding Red Hill:

- Strengthening, deepening and envisioning of the house churches. Pray for leaders of Godly character and faithfulness to be raised up in each church. Pray for the churches to multiply through discipleship.

- Pray for our All Nations team working in Red Hill, for faith, for financial provision, and for a "bakkie" (pickup truck) to take them back and forth and to haul supplies. Pray for team members Alexander, Joanna, Petrus, Eric, Gawie, and Bruce. Pray for financial provision, for love, humility, and unity. Pray also protection from crime and disease. For the team to grow in devotion to the Lord, and grace to accomplish all Father desires of them.

- The continuous cry for work by the young men in Red Hill. They are desperate to find jobs.

- Nomandla, age 34, due to deliver her baby today by Cesarean. She has diabetes and high blood pressure that could jeopardize the baby's safe delivery and life. She has had two pregnancies before and both times the baby died. Pray for safe delivery and a healthy child. 3 times she's been taken in to hospital and 3 times she's been denied a bed. Please pray that she would get a bed. She and the father want to get married but are hindered by the lobola