It's Signed! Help Us Ride the Big Wave


Every year they have a "big wave" surfing contest here in Cape Town. It's hard to imagine surfing in Africa, but there are some huge waves that come crashing on the shores of the Cape of "Good Hope." The largest wave ever ridden in Africa, and maybe the world, was surfed by a guy earlier this year very close to where we live. It was over 75 feet tall on the face of the wave! It was scary to look at, believe me!

For Sally and me and the rest of our team it feels like we're riding the biggest wave of our lives as well. We just signed a purchase offer to buy a property that will serve as a leadership-training base and trade school for All Nations in Africa. The offer was accepted and signed yesterday by the owner.

We have to have the finances to complete the purchase by December 15th. That means we need over $200,000 (R2Million) in ten days time. We believe God wants us to be debt free on this property. That will allow us to give scholarships to many African leaders who are coming in February for the next CPx leaders school.

Already over $200,000 has come in for the property. That's a little more than two million South African Rand!! Several large gifts were given in South Africa. I am asking you to join your faith and sacrifice with Sally and me and our team, and with those who have already given, to help us complete the purchase debt free.

Help us ride this "big wave" would you?

If you break it down, that is only 200 people giving US $1000 each, or the equivalent in Rand or Euros (R10, 000 or Euros 900). In the next ten days.

But most of the money is going to come through those who gift $1000 dollar or R10, 000 size gifts. Would you pray about being one of those people? I believe God for one person to give $50,000 (R500,000) and a few others to give large gifts as well.

Just to be clear about the vision, this money is for a training center for equipping African leaders. We're launching a thousand African leaders into Africa in the next ten years. The focus is training leaders with job skills and Godly character to reach the poor and the unreached of this continent. It is a sustainable model of leaders discipling leaders while serving as tent-makers, working like the Apostle Paul did, to bring in their income.

The outcome of this vision is a goal to start discipleship based church planting movements among the 300 million unreached peoples of Africa who have never heard the name of Jesus – that includes 270 million Muslims.

We are not interested in a model of ministry dependent on buildings. The churches we start meet in homes and in the open fields and in offices and schools. We call it simple church – simple because it is a discipleship model based on training potential leaders in small, simple, easily reproducible churches of 10-20 people. All Nations has started hundreds of these simple churches already in Africa and different parts of the world.

We are committed to sustainability – that is, training leaders to support themselves with job skills while we equip them to be servant leaders. It is incredible to see the response of those we have already trained. I sat with a small group of Zimbabwean young men in a simple church last week, led by Munyaradzi, one of the African leaders who graduated from our leadership school. We trained Munyaradzi and he is now training others.

What will transform Africa? A grassroots, simple church movement of leaders discipling leaders in small groups, who in turn raise-up more leaders. In the market-place, in schools, in shops, in shacks, everywhere. The movement has already begun.

What will transform Africa is godly leaders who don't come with their hand out for money, who have learned to support themselves through trade skills, and who move into Africa making disciples, transforming one life and one family and one village at a time.

Please help us, would you? Help us train and send this kind of leader. Help us change Africa one leader and one life at a time. Please send your gift of R10,000 or Euro900 or $1,000. We need your help to ride this big wave!

Thank you,

Floyd and Sally McClung

To send your gift:

Send your check made out to All Nations to All Nations Support, c/o Walsh and Washburn, Attn: Mark Smith, 5360 College Boulevard, Suite 100, Overland Park Kansas 66211 Please attach a note saying it is for property purchase in South Africa.

South Africa or Europe:
Standard Bank, All Nations Account #072110619, Fish Hoek Branch: #03-6009-80, Address: 77 Main Rd., Fish Hoek 7975, South Africa Telephone: +27-21-748 1817 Swift Number: (for international bank transfers) SBZAZAJJ. Mark your gift "Property" in the reference line. Gifts from Europe should be sent in Pounds or Euro, not Rand. THANK YOU!December 2008 Cape Town, South Africa