Reasons to Believe - Reasons Not to Believe

Every morning when I open my emails and read letters with news of people's prayers and gifts, I am deeply moved and encouraged. It builds my faith.

I confess it is quite easy for me to experience unbelief. I don't seem to have to work at it…when I think about the economic mess we experience right now in the world, and when I look at the faith steps we are taking, unbelief tends to creep in.

But when I pray, and when I reflect on the promises of God, and when I remember it is for Africa that we are interceding, then faith stirs in my heart. A friend once said to me, "If you intercede to God for people, then you have authority to intercede to people for people."

It is for Africa that I intercede right now. Not for us, or for a property, but for Africa. So I boldly ask you, would you prayerfully consider a year-end gift for Africa?

If you did not read my last letter, we are trusting God for a leadership training center. We have signed a purchase agreement to buy a property with wonderful facilities. We will use it for leadership training, to house students and emerging leaders, to host outreach teams, and to run a trade school.

There are two ways you can help us:

1. One is to pray. I really mean that – I believe there is power in prayer.

2. The other is to give a gift. I have asked people to consider a gift of $1000 (R10,000), but no gift is too small.

I asked last week for 200 people to give a gift. Quite a few people have responded. Thank you!

Yours for Africa,


To send your gift:

USA: Send your check made out to All Nations to All Nations Support, c/o Walsh and Washburn, Attn: Mark Smith, 5360 College Boulevard, Suite 100, Overland Park Kansas 66211 Please attach a note saying it is for property purchase in South Africa.

South Africa or Europe:
Standard Bank, All Nations Account #072110619, Fish Hoek Branch: #03-6009-80, Address: 77 Main Rd., Fish Hoek 7975, South Africa Telephone: +27-21-748 1817 Swift Number: (for international bank transfers) SBZAZAJJ. Mark your gift "Property" in the reference line. Gifts from Europe should be sent in Pounds or Euro, not Rand.