A Woman Who Would Not Give Up


A few things from my heart to yours about the training center we are trusting the Lord to buy. The Lord spoke to me this morning through Luke 18:1-8. It's the parable of the Woman Who Would Not Give Up. She was unrelenting in her pursuit of an answer to her plea. God spoke to me to adopt the same attitude of faith. I want to be known as a man of faith who will not give up.

Jesus asks his disciples, "When I come, will I find faith in the earth?" As I meditated on this verse two things spoke to me:

"Will I find faith?" Jesus asked His disciples, "When I come...will I find faith?" When we have asked for something over and over again, and there is no answer, we are tempted to give up, to give in to unbelief. Jesus, knowing the weakness of His disciples both then and now, taught this parable about faith through unrelenting, persevering prayer. A widown who would not give up. She persisted, she would not give up. With that in mind, I encouraged my own heart this morning to lay hold of faith by faith.

"When I come..." We don't know when Jesus will come to visit us with answer to our prayers, but when He comes I want to have faith in my heart. By His grace, I will have faith.

The most recent news about the training center:

- About R200,000 has been given toward the property in the last couple weeks - we now have R2.2 million toward purchase (the Rand is going up and down a lot right now but that is about US $230,000). We need another R1.65 million (about about $170,000).

sibu.jpg- We have been given an extension in the purchase contract until January 7th to raise the money.

Next CPx leadership school:

- Our next leadership school (CPx) begins February 6th. Of the 45 students coming, more than half of them are young leaders from around Africa. We are coming down to the wire for housing and classroom space for the six month CPx. We have considered every other option for housing for the students coming for the school - so we are motivated to pray hard for the property Please join us!beach.jpg

Red Hill Baptism:

We baptized three young men from Red Hill last Sunday. One of the guys was Sibu. Sibu came to Christ a few months ago, then joined one of the simple churches in Red Hill, and within a short time gathered some of his friends and started another little church to study the Bible and pray. He will be attending CPx for further training.