God at Work at Work!


I just received the following note from one of our All Nations leaders, Werner Els, living in Pretoria, South Africa. It is incredibly encouraging report about God at Work at Work! I believe God longs for His church to break out of the "church" happens on Sunday paradigm, to see what He will do when we invite Him to work through us at work.

I have been discipling Werner off and on for several years, and have encouraged him to be courageous and creative about igniting a church at his work place.

This is the result!


"When I started working at Aerosud I was full of plans to share the gospel with people without them knowing I am sharing it with them (you get weird and not so wonderful things when you combine passion and fear of man!). MY plans started off well until one day (in 2007) I sensed strongly that God wanted to show me something in Aerosud. Since then I got to understand that MY plans do NOT = His plans for me/Aerosud and that Jesus came to give us life in abundance...

As I surrendered MY plans to the Lord I gradually lost my passion for my work since that DRIVE wasn’t there anymore. It was like Samson without his hair… But God did something; He returned my focus on Him and stirred my passion and love for Him. During all of this I felt I had to be faithful with the few things I knew the Lord had called me for in Aerosud, one of them being Broeikas. Now Broeikas is a place where people meet during lunch times... God wanted Broeikas to BE an incubator for meeting people's spiritual needs... We want to see fruit! We want to see God’s kingdom being manifested through the lives of every person working here...

One afternoon in October 2009 I received a call from one our senior level managers saying that he wants to talk to me. Walking into his office I saw that something was different with this man. He shared with me that he went through a tough time in his life and that he was down and out. The one day whilst walking in the corridor he passed one of our prayer warriors and he asked him “how are you”? Peter replied “I am exceptional”. This struck Johan and he said to Peter that his life is falling apart. Peter took him to his office WHERE HE COMMITTED HIS LIFE TO CHRIST AND SURRENDERED ALL HIS BURDENS!!! Praise be to God!! Jippiee! He is the 1st convert on company turf that we know about ;-) and has already made a huge impact in his department.
I asked Johan how I can support him in his journey and he asked for prayer. So I told him that we gather twice a week to pray for the company and the needs of people and that he will get prayer there. Afterwards he shared this with Jacques in his department and a lady overheard them and then the ball started rolling. Elizca was upset and phoned me telling me that more people needs to know about what God is doing when we meet at Broeikas and that we must reach out to people. So she sent out e-mails to the whole company inviting people... Needless to say a lot of people came and the ball started growing in size (10 people out of one manager's department come regularly)…

After Goitse, a passionate follower of Jesus, shared from his heart a few teachings on love, one of the new guys felt that we should share the love of the Lord and lead people to repentance. So we organised a ‘God week’ / mission week and even the CEO gave his blessing for this. This started on Monday 23rd of November and will continue until Friday the 28th.

We have already prayed a lot for the impact of this initiative and even started prayer walking around the peripheral of the company. I believe there is power in prayer because God hears our pleas and answers them. I want to ask you to please intercede for the people in Aerosud. We have one opportunity and want to make the best of it!..."