Don’t Pass the Torch – Start With it in Their Hands!

Keys to starting a church planting movement

Coaches and leaders in church planting movements agree that there is no ‘passing of the torch’ as much as it is starting ‘with the torch in their hand’. One of our team leaders has been bending over double to make sure, in his words, “I don’t ‘pastor’, but plant, coach and mentor well. My big hope is that this current church plant could lead to some big things because I’m not aiming to pass the torch, but to begin with the torch in their hands…”

He says that prayer was the absolute key to seeing breakthroughs in Red Hill and that is what he continues to do with his team more than anything: pray for breakthroughs!

Through a short term team from Scotland and their efforts, they found the man of peace in the upper camp in Red Hill. His name is Freddie. Freddie is the man the team has been praying for. “! I asked God for a ton of wisdom in raising up Freddie and I believe he is giving it,” says Gawie, the team leader.

In a nutshell: Freddie’s a true man of peace as he himself gathered a group of almost ten people. This is a big key. It doesn’t help if we as outsiders gather the people – ‘a true man of peace is one who opens the door of faith to others in the community.’ Freddie did exactly that! Our team merely worked with Freddie.

Freddie will be leading the D-Group ABC process from next week. We have modeled, assisted and now it is time for Freddie to take the lead. So this is crunch time where I’ve modelled twice now and made it clear to the group and to Freddie that they will be continuing to facilitate the D-Group themselves. They’ve wholeheartedly agreed!

I also see great potential in the young men attending! They are for the most part pre-believers which makes it even more exciting! The hunger in their eyes shows me God is at work! Big time! My heart is crying out to God for a big discipleship movement!

I get emotional about this. My heart longs to see Him receive more worship. Hearts that love him… Lost people saved… Oh how I long to see Jesus save the people in Red Hill. Daily when I walk there I see lostness. I can’t stand it anymore. I long to see a harvest of people meet Him as the Savior. My heart yearns for souls and for
the Lamb to be glorified.