It's Africa's Hour!

Yesterday I met with an Ethiopian brother who is a student in CPx, our leadership and church planting school. He has started and oversees 164 churches in Ethiopia, so he is not a novice. He endured the time in the 1980's when the communists ruled Ethiopia and persecuted the Christians mercilessly. My question to this dear brothers, and I'm sure you would think of the same question, is why would he come to our training program when he has already done so much for the kingdom?

"I want to learn more", he said, when I asked him that question. "I want to learn how to send church planters from Ethiopia to other countries to spread the gospel".

In talking to him yesterday, I was surprised to learn that Muslims now claim 44% of the population of Ethiopia! There is growing persecution against believers in areas where Muslims are dominant. The Communist regime has been overthrown, but now the Muslims are rising up in numbers to try to take over the government. Please pray for this pastor, would you?

There are others like him who have attended CPx and are now working full time with All Nations: Bruce Chimtabala from Zambia, Munyaradzi Hove from Zimbabwe, Eric Mogane from Limpopo, and Petrus Mamonyane - these are African brothers are sold out, dedicated, men of integrity and character. They are far more effective that I will ever be, or any Westerner will be in reaching and transforming Africa.

Sally and I consider it a privilege to serve with them as co-workers. These brothers are in great need of monthly support - please pass the word to your friends or family members if you think any of someone who would like to support one of these brothers for $25, $50, or $100 a month. It would mean so much to them!"