The Short History of One Black Man

To the right is a picture of a good friend and one of our key leaders in All Nations Cape Town. Bruce Chitambala is single, 33 years old, a university graduate, and comes from the beautiful land of Zambia. He has a passion for sports - especially soccer - and loves to disciple anyone he can, but especially emerging African leaders. He serves as a mentor to students in CPx, our leadership school. I want to commend Bruce to you for financial support. Would you prayerfully consider supporting him with a monthly gift of $25, $50 or $100? Bruce would be happy to correspond with you regularly and keep you informed of his vision for Africa. Recently, he gave a talk to our staff and students titled, The History of the Black Man. It was powerful in that it was used to break negative stereotypes of Africans and African men in particular. If you would like to correspond with Bruce his email is

It is God's hour for Africa!

Thank you!

Floyd and Sally