Passions and Practices of Apostolic People

Are you prepared to lead your followers on a journey of pioneering passion? If so, then this issue has to be settled: are you certain that you want your followers to be apostolic people? Here are some of the apostolic passions and practices of the church in Antioch and in the lives of Paul and Barnabas:

  • The leaders set aside time to worship and fast and listen to the Holy Spirit – 13:2
  • They had a readiness to send out their best people – 13:2-4
  • They were a multi-cultural church and leadership, before they went to the nations – 13:1
  • The church in Antioch had a variety of spiritual gifts in their leadership – 13:1
  • Paul and Barnabas preached the word of God without compromise, which opened the door to those who were hungry for spiritual truth – 13:5
  • They focused on people whom God had prepared for the gospel - don't waste time trying to stir passion in those who are not motivated (if you do, the enemy will lead you in circles) – 13:5-6, 14-41
  • When there was spiritual opposition, they opposed the opposition; they confronted the confrontation, e.g., they resisted Satan working through the sorcerer, Elymas – 13:8-12
  • They were sensitive to the cultural context of the people: they told the story of the Jewish people back to the Jewish people – 13:14-41
  • They storied the gospel – 13:16-17
  • They quoted the prophets of the people back to the people: can you quote the secular "prophets" of our day? – 13:33
  • They were careful not to give time and energy to people who resisted the gospel – 13:45,51
  • They intentionally spread the word of God to an entire region - 13:49
  • They were bold - 14:3
  • They refused to allow people to idolize them; apostolic leaders must be very careful to do the same today - 14:14-15
  • They preached the gospel: 14:7, 21, 25,
  • They stayed relationally connected to their home church (no apostle is above being known or being accountable to a few people in close community) - 14:27-28