The Servant Leader's Ten Commandments

by Floyd McClung

  1. Thou shall not make thyself a god or big boss to the people that you lead.
  2. Thou shall not allow people to flatter you, and thou shall not take for your self big titles.
  3. Thou shall not require an unquestioning loyalty from others, nor shall you teach people that you are their covering.
  4. Thou shall not be a spiritual social climber, nor shall you purchase a theological degree online.
  5. Thou shall lead with meekness and grace.
  6. Thou shall not seek to control and manipulate others, nor use intrigues and scheming to get your own way.
  7. Thou shall not have two standards of conduct for your public and private life, nor shall you have secret relationships or sexual fantasies.
  8. Thou shall not interfere with or weaken the marriages of others by usurping authority over them.
  9. Thou shall not compete with others in ministry for the allegiance or praise of people.
  10. Thou shall not discourage people from joining other churches or being sent as missionaries with other groups.