The Most Important Week of the Year

Passion Week of Jesus

From Luke’s Gospel Chapters 19:28 – 24:53


  • The triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem – 19:28-40
  • Jesus weeps over the city of Jerusalem – 19:41-44


  • Jesus cleanses the temple – 19:45-46
  • He teaches the Passover crowds – 19:47-48


  • He contends with religious rulers – 20:1-8
  • Jesus again speaks to the Passover crowds – 20:9-21:38


  • The plot against Jesus – 22:1-2
  • Judas joins the conspiracy to betray Jesus – 22:3-6


  • Preparation for Passover – 22:7-13
  • The Lord’s Supper – 22:14-38


  • Peter’s denial of Jesus – 22:54-62
  • Jesus mocked and beaten – 22:63-65
  • Trial before the Sanhedrin – 22:66-71
  • Trial before Pilate – 23:1-25
  • The crucifixion of Jesus – 23:26-49
  • Burial of Jesus – 23:50-55


  • Rest and preparation of spices for final entombment of Jesus - 23:55-56 (also see John 19:38-42, Mark 16:1)


  • The Resurrection of Jesus – 24:1-12

The last days of Jesus on earth after His death and resurrection…

  • The encounter on the road to Emmaus – 24:13-45
  • Jesus gives proof of His resurrection – 24:23-43
  • The Great Commission – 24:44-48
  • The Ascension of Jesus 24:49-53

This is the most important week of the Christian calendar. It is Passion week - the week we give special attention to the events leading up to the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Above are an outline of readings for the rest of the week. I suggest you follow the daily readings to meditate on Jesus' death and resurrection.

Our church will celebrate this Sunday as we gather home churches, friends and family. There will be believers from Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Limpopo - and many other provinces and countries. We will worship in a variety of languages, see a dramatic presentation of Jesus' death and resurrection, then scatter around the grounds of Africa House in small groups to discuss the Scriptures and do communion together - led by local people, many of whom are recent converts. Then there will be baptisms and more rejoicing!

I wish you could be with us!!

May this week be a blessed week for you, your family and your community.


Floyd and Sally McClung