Update on Killing and Racial Tension in South Africa

One of the greatest tests to face South Africa as new nation seems to be upon us. This past weekend Eugene Terreblanche – his last name literally means “white earth” – was bludgeoned and hacked to death while taking a nap on his farm. Two of his black farm workers turned themselves into the police in connection with the killing and will appear in court this week. Terrreblanche had a large following among whites who still believe in an all-white state. His supporters are promising to avenge his murder. Terreblanche was convicted in 1996 for the attempted murder of Paul Motshabi, a black man who worked as a security guard on his farm. While serving a shortened five year sentence, Terreblanche said he became a born again Christian. But he maintained his stance in favor of all white state that would only allow blacks to visit if they were farm or domestic workers.

Terreblanche’s murder comes at a time of increasing racial tension here in South Africa. A South African court recently banned the singing of a political song from the struggle days against apartheid called “kill the boer”, which translates to “kill the farmer”. The song has been sung recently at political rallies by Julius Malema, the leader of the youth league of the ruling ANC political party.

Please pray for our land – for peace, for freedom from fear, and for a move of God to turn this tension and tragedy into a demonstration of reconciliation and forgiveness.

Pray for Julius Malema – for Godly counselors, for wisdom and for the fear of the Lord.

Please pray for courage to replace fear – in the hearts of believers and political leaders across the nation. Pray for courage in the hearts of our co-workers and team members.

Pray for Sally and me to be filled with courage and boldness – we believe courage in the face of danger is far more pleasing to God than to be “safe” but lack faith.

Pray for Sally’s health - she is struggling with shingles, and is due for a costly dental surgery in a couple weeks time.

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