A CPx report from Cape Town

A report from team leaders Brandon and Juliana Jones, students in CPx who are now working in a local community called Masi here in Cape Town:
Candace and Nick are from Zimbabwe could be the catalyst for a move of God throughout the Zimbabwean social network of Masi. Brandon and Lifa met them through another Bible study among some Zimbabweans. They said they would like to have a Bible study in their home, so Brandon and Sbu went to them last Friday and led a Discovery Bible Study (DBS) with them, a simple method of prayer and Bible study. During the study, it was obvious they were seriously contemplating the Scriptures (the story of creation). Afterward, Nick said he hadn’t invited any of his friends or neighbors to the group because he wanted to see what it was like for himself first. Now, he said, he wanted to share what he had learned immediately with his neighbors. Brandon and Sbu suggested he lead his neighbors in the study of the same set of Scriptures the next day, and then they could meet the following Friday and talk about how it went with Brandon and Sbu. Nick and Candace agreed! Saturday, they led the DBS with their neighbors and friends!This is exactly the kind of empowerment we are hoping to see — Africans empowered to experience God for themselves, not dependent on Western missionaries.