Short Term Team Reaps Fruit of Long Term Workers in Zambia

One team of students from our church planting school (CPx)are now in Zambia. They are working with a long-term team of students who are graduates of past CPx's. The long-termers have been telling the God story, laying foundations in villagers minds about the foundations of the gospel: creation, rebellion, sacrifice, return/repentance/ commission. Recently there was the beginning of a reaping of the seed already sown:
"We are doing great after showing the Jesus film in the local language in the local villages. Its was nice to see quite a sizable number of people come to our property from Singanga, Lyooka and Komayana villages. What we did before and while the people watching the movie was to intercede and I think that kept every one of us busy connecting with the heavens.

After the movie Namisha got to share a message with them about how Jesus longs to be their Friend and that He is the nne that connects us to God and without Him we can never come to a loving relationship with God. After Namisha finished sharing what God had put upon her heart.I challenged the team to reach out to people and find out if anyone of them wanted to have a relationship with Jesus and we saw quite a few of them being prayed for and giving their lives to Jesus. What I also sensed is that a good number of them were so shy and ashamed to step forward and be prayed for. So those who gave their lives will be followed up tomorrow and that’s what I have been encouraging the team to get in their homes and asked them if they can find out more about the decision those people made just whether they were serious about it. I will follow-up a young man whom i prayed and really wanted to give it all to Jesus. I ask him whether He meant what He was saying and he told me he did. He wants his life to turn around and follow Jesus".