Amazing African Women Film Society!

In the last few weeks we have had one wonderful breakthrough after another here in Cape Town. We have often asked the Lord for keys to reaching one of the disadvantaged communities here in Cape Town, and it has come through the high school. Below are some of the highlights shared by the CPx students (CPx is our training program) who have been given an open door to the high school and through the students to the teachers, parents and leaders in the community. One of the keys to making disciples and planting churches in Africa is finding the right access to people's hearts... this time found it in the most unusual way... Be encouraged as you read!

Floyd and Sally McClung


Fourteen girls attended Karl and Julie’s new after school club: the “Amazing African Women Film Society.” We bribed them with snacks to get them there – then taught them how to interview each other, answer questions and film it with a FLIP video camera. Each girl took a turn being the camera woman, acting as the interviewer and answering questions as the interviewee.

We showed them the interviews at the end of class, and they were so excited to see themselves on film! Not one of them owns a camera, and we are doubtful they have ever seen a video of themselves.

Over the next few weeks we will be bringing in “Amazing African Women” guest speakers, giving the girls an opportunity to interview and film them. In the end, we will show the girls how to make a movie of these “Amazing African Women.” We are thrilled to build relationships with these precious girls!

"On Sunday, the 16th of May I will never forget as I have finally given all I have to God!"

Last weekend we held our leadership adventure camp with the Ocean View High School student council (prefects in South Africa). The students joined us for two nights of non-stop action over the weekend at a camp near Hout Bay.

It was amazing! We kept them busy with games, teachings, small group discussions and adventure activities (obstacle course, problem solving outdoor events, etc.). The teachings incorporated many Bible verses from Proverbs, compelling video clips and inspirational life lessons. During the last session we spoke openly about God’s love for them.

Here are some quotes from the students after the camp:

“All my life I wanted to fit in – but now I know that I’m different and will make myself known to people all over the world…I will make a difference in Ocean View.” (Johannes did a talk on not fitting in, but standing out)

“I must learn to trust and be open with the Lord”

“You can do good stuff without anyone beating you down” (which is the crux of many Ocean View problems…you can’t paint your house in Ocean View without the neighbors accusing you of trying to be better than them.)

“I can keep believing that my life can be a success.”

“I learned how to uplift myself when I am surrounded with evil.”

“God gave you something that no one can take away from you.”

“Please keep up the work you are doing. Even if you don’t see it now your work will impact the lives of many.”

“On Sunday, the 16th of May I will never forget as I have finally given all I have to God.”

We grilled “bread on a stick” at the barbeque (literally dough on a stick you cook over a fire), Johannes did a “leap of death” from one tree branch to another (physical illustration of his talk on “jumping into life”), and seven kids made a decision during the last session to “seek after God.” Yes – you heard that right – at a public school retreat! We are blown away about what the Lord is doing with these kids and are excited about following up with them!


Suretha spoke during a school assembly on addiction and brought in a guest speaker who gave an amazing testimony. He was a former gangster who went to prison and spoke about how God freed him from addition and a destructive lifestyle.

The principal has been very pleased with our interactions at the school and has indicated that the high school will be an open door for All Nations involvement for years to come!!