Debriefing Questions - Two Approaches

Debriefing Questions - Two Approaches
The Appreciative Approach - Start with what was positive and move from that point forward in debriefing.
1.What was life giving to you?
2.Why do you think it brought life to you? (what were the values/principles at work that made it life-giving)
3.What three wishes do you have about the event? ("wish" anything: what could be different, better, done a different way, any wish or prayer)
4.How would you like to apply what you have learned to your life? what is it that you learn and how will you put it into practice?
The Luke Ten Approach - In Luke ten, Jesus "debriefs" his disciples after he sent them on a short mission. He listened to their report and then turned that into a teachable moment for them. In this approach, you start with what happened, celebrate what was blessed by God, then focus on what was learned, and then proceed to what needs to be changed, and how will that make a difference.
1. What happened? Ask the person about the event - to describe the facts first.
2. How do you feel about it? Ask the person to share their feelings, good, bad, glad, mad or sad.
3. What did you learn? What was God teaching you through this event? The questions move from facts, what happened, to feelings, to learning.
4. How will you apply what you learned? What changes will you make it your life? How and when will you make them?