The 10 C's of Team Selection

This is a portion from Leading Like Jesus that I believe is helpful to those who lead and pioneer new movements … “Don’t let desperation for help drive your team building! Jesus chose team members prudently.

Effective leaders have a clearly defined set of qualifications for team members.

Team Selection Guidelines:

  1. Courtesy - Do they know how to respect other team members? Are they collaborative in their approach to decision making?
  2. Chemistry - Do they have good chemistry with you as the team leader and with others on the team? Are they likeable? Can they have a good time with those they work with?
  3. Competence - Do they have the skills necessary to add strength to the team?
  4. Character - Do they display servant leadership qualities? Do they show integrity? Are they reliable and do they keep promises?
  5. Core Values - Are their core values aligned with those of the rest of the team?
  6. Courage - are they willing to take risks? Do they exercise faith and take on new challenges when called upon?
  7. Capacity - Do they have the emotional capacity for leadership responsibility? Can they handle stress and pressure?
  8. Culture   - do they work well with people of other cultures? Are they sensitive and adaptive to different cultural contexts?
  9. Calling/Commitment - What are their spiritual gifts? Do their gifts complement the team? Do they have a clear call from God to serve with you?
  10. Clear Expectations - Have you discussed your expectations and theirs?

Team building presents many opportunities to learn humility and grow in wisdom. The principle of multiplication goes hand in hand with the principle of selection.  Jesus came to launch a movement. To do that, He needed trustworthy men and women to lead and reproduce the movement.”

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