Leadership Tests

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“God does not initiate every human situation that tests us, but he uses them all.

A leadership test is a crisis, big or small, that God uses to teach us to depend more deeply on Him. Testing is one of the least understood aspects of God’s ways. We often ignore God’s testing in our lives, to our great detriment.

God-orchestrated tests in leaders’ lives usually produce one or two results: drawing them closer to God, or pushing them further from God. That is a choice we must make for ourselves - God will not force us to trust Him.

Below are the components of unique tests we go through as individuals and the common tests most leaders go through at some point.

Components of God-appointed Tests:

  • Difficult Circumstances (or a crisis) - If it wasn’t difficult, it wouldn’t be a test.
  • Desired Response - God wants us to seek Him
  • Delight - God delights in our growth as we develop deeper dependence on Him. This is the reward He gives us for passing the test.

Common Tests for Leaders:

  • Rejection - Dismissal by friends, family, or trusted co-workers
  • Isolation - A wilderness time of loneliness or confusion
  • God’s Silence - When God does not speak
  • Integrity - To be true to our convictions no matter how hard
  • Hearing God’s Voice - Knowing it is God speaking
  • Obedience - Doing what God says, no matter the cost.
  • Laying Down our Rights - Not insisting on having our way
  • Word Test - Obeying God’s direction to us
  • Faith Test - Believing God in spite of overwhelming odds

All leaders are tested and we will do well to recognize the test and its importance for our development as wise and faithful leaders.”