A Leader's Identity


"Identity is a correct understanding of who we are… Identity is the most important dimension in the formation of a spiritual leader. Those who have a correct understanding of their identity attract people to follow them for the right reasons. We don’t make disciples or build a team by striving, exhorting people or manipulating them. We draw them into our vision through our genuine love for people. Authentic love for others is a by-product of a secure identity.

I learned through my younger years that the degree of my security in whom God made me to be, in His love for me, is directly related to my effectiveness as a servant leader.

Growing up, throughout high school, university, and in my younger years as a leader, I was painfully insecure. I was more self-conscious than God-conscious. I was continually concerned about how people related to me. I was worried about how I fit in, why I wasn’t asked to do something, and vigilant about what was going on around me.

I needed healing in my identity. Though I was tall and stood out in a crowd, on the inside, I felt inferior to others. I was a successful student athlete and a popular..."

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