Leaders Call Followers


“Jesus very deliberately called certain men and women to follow Him. And He taught them to invite others as well. Good leaders raise up other leaders. Jesus made disciples of ordinary people. He disciple them to faith in Himself as the Son of God – He didn’t wait for them to come to faith before discipling them. And as they grew in faith, He taught them to disciple others also. He met them as they were fishing and working and doing life, then took time to connect with them personally.

When assembling His leadership team, Jesus personally invited them to follow Him.   He reached out. Don’t be afraid to say to people, “I want you with me. I need you.” Show them that they are important to you. When calling followers in this personal way, we focus on the few to reach the many.

One of the most important lessons I have learned is how to invite others to join me. I learned this skill through…”

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