Leaders Speak With Authority

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"The source of Jesus’ authority can be the source of your authority as well. He spoke with authority because:

  • He knew the Scriptures
  • He listened to the Father and obeyed Him
  • He did not use power over people
  • He embodied His message
  • He took years to prepare for His mission
  • He resisted the temptations of the enemy
  • His ministry to people was a lifestyle – whether in his work as a carpenter or in the season of discipling leaders for a new spiritual movement.

Let’s look at three types of authority exemplified in Jesus’ life.

  1. Derived Authority - Jesus’ authority came from His being. Spiritual authority was the sum total of Who Jesus was as a person: His character, wisdom, and the wise and timely exercise of His spiritual gifts.
  2. Delegated authority - Jesus was sent on a mission by the Father. Hebrews 3:1 says He was the apostle and high priest of our faith. As an apostle, He was a messenger. He was under authority. No leader can exercise authority if he or she is not under authority.
  3. Distributed Authority - Jesus did not keep His authority to Himself. He shared it with those He discipled. Jesus said, “As the Father sent me, so I send you,” (John 20:21), and He “gave to His disciples authority…” (Luke 9:1 and Matt.10:1). If we give away authority, we gain authority. If we try to keep it all to ourselves, we lose our authority.

Jesus said, “There are rulers who lord over people…they try to exercise authority over people…” (Matt.20:25 paraphrase) Those who think in terms of being “over” people, miss the truth of what Jesus taught in these verses. Leaders should not aim to be over those they lead, but for them. If you serve people, you influence them, and if you influence them, you have authority in their lives. Authority is not taken from people, it is offered to people.”

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