Leaders Choose Their Own Teams

“Leadership comes with many pressures and countless responsibilities. But one of the great privileges is choosing who serves on our teams, whether that be a ministry team at church, or a leadership team in our business or school. Certainly, we look to God to lead us to the right people, but He allows us to partner with Him in this decision. I was advised early on by one of my mentors not to choose a person if their skill exceeded their character. In other words, character is crucial - faithful, available, and teachable. Jesus was very deliberate about building His core team.

Some of my greatest joys and greatest sorrows have come from my team-building experiences. If you work with people (especially closely on a team), you will learn and grow, or you will fail. There is no middle ground.

A leadership team can fulfill a functional role of getting tasks or projects accomplished, but it can also be much more than that. Some teams build deeper relationships - transparency and trust are the ingredients that can take a group beyond its ordinary expression.

What sort of selection criteria should you follow in selecting your team? There are ’10 Cs’ I have followed through the years that have served me well…”

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