Contentment Does Not Mean Happiness


A friend of mine is going through a hard time. She asked if I had any thoughts to share about it got me thinking. The Bible exhorts us to be content in whatever situation we're in. (Philippians 4:11) I asked myself what that meant for me right I "content" with cancer? Can we as believers be content about something so awful? I realized I can be content without being happy about the cancer!! Contentment has to do with peace. I have felt completely surrounded with peace from the Lord in these months that I've been battling cancer......right from the first moment the doctor told me I had a large tumor. The Bible talks about the peace "that passes understanding" that can only come from God. It's not a human emotion, feeling,'s a gift and blessing from Him. I know no one could be happy about having cancer, but I'm at peace. I am content but praying for healing. Contentment is a spiritual weapon right up there with faith.

The pain, injustices, and hardships of life are only for a little while. Perfect health, fairness, and lack of difficulties will be ours to enjoy in heaven forever. God has my times and seasons on this earth in His control. Contentment in my situation is a spiritual weapon against the enemy and any of his plans. I'm not happy I have cancer, but, thanks to God's help, I think I am content in Christ. I'm grateful for that. It's definitely a gift from Him.

How to Prompt Trustworthiness in Others

When we feel and express gratitude towards others it fosters a sense of trustworthiness in them, which in turn, leads to trustworthy behaviour.  Even the most broken person has potential for greatness.  When we see that potential, we convey it in our attitude.
Be intentional about expressing belief and gratitude in people and you will inspire them to hope in themselves...even when hope has been destroyed in their past

Who Can You Trust?

God's trust in us is a gift based on His grace.  We should trust people for the same reason... His grace.  After all, everything outside of hell is grace.
Most people don't rise above the expectations of others unless there is someone who believes in them, who really thinks they are worth believing in.
Be a leader who believes in people and you will attract them to your cause and inspire them to grow.   Be a leader who sees the potential in others and draws them into their own personal greatness...